Welcome and thank you for visiting my personal blog site.


I am currently revamping and updating it so it is a little thin but I hope you enjoy and learn a little from it.

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So who am I?


I’m always asking people, WHO ARE YOU? They tell me their Job, about their family, their interests. I sometimes still don’t know who they really are. Well here’s me…..

I enjoy working with people….. it makes my day different and it makes a difference every day.

Having been a youth and community worker for many years I still  enjoy the challenge & buzz of knowing we are making a difference, even when it’s hard sometimes to see the change in individuals. I have worked in many different setting and continue to do so. It really keeps me on my toes.


I am interested in change…. and believe it is best achieved when people discuss, act and work together. I think that better politics is worth fighting for. I hate violence but am not afraid to use my feelings of anger constructively to challenge others. Change am interested in is sustainability to prevent further adverse climate change and developing poor communities. I enjoy the natural world and want future generations to have that opportunity too.


I hurt & get angry when people are selfish including when I see that in myself…. I want people to share with me and I am willing to share so why won’t others? the biggest selfishness is the greedy corporation. Their big profit undermines society and divides people as rich & poor. I fully support co-operatives. They share and help communities. I have been a volunteer director for three years of a small credit union.  5000 members retaining savings £500,000 with a 4 million turnover in 2014. I love credit unions, simple community banks serving the interests of people and making banking available to the most vulnerable in our society.


I hate injustice…. and will campaign as much of possible for it to be made fair, making as many others aware on the way. I will defend voiceless people, as often I and all of us, can not feel listened too.

I am grateful for my opportunities….. I like Peterborough where I work and live, I have some very good friends  here.  I really enjoy catching up with family and friends across the UK. I have had great opportunities to travel the developing world and meet some great local champions. I got to go to University( the first in my family).


I am proud of my family….I never really got on with my brother when I was younger but as the years have gone on & I moved out, we are getting closer. My parents were patience with me as a teenager, arrogant and selfish, my family in West London work hard and show me a good example of helping others.I am extremely proud of my twin girls who are only young and I am work harder that ever to get the work:life balance right to make the most of them growing up for both our sakes.

I am ambitious…. but may it never stand in the way of me putting others first or distort me through greed, power or money. I am now in my 30s and feel quite indifferent about it. I continue to aim each day to not live in fear or worry but their opposites.


I often take time to reflect and update this section of my site, learning a lot as I read where I was and where I am moving to……



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Youth & Community Worker, Campaigner & Activtist, Christian Socialist & Co-operator.


Stuart Mathers

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